News report on a fight in Verona

When will Verona regain its peace?

Another fight between the Montague and Capulet family caused deaths.

By the time our journalist got to the scene, two corpses, of Mercutio Escalus and Tybalt Capulet lay down in the street with the blood flowing around in Verona. People had surrounded the corpses and were guessing who the killer was. The fight involved Tybalt, Mercutio, and Romeo. It appears that Tybalt killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Tybalt in revenge.

It all started when Tybalt insulted Romeo. Mercutio, a friend of Romeo, felt humiliated that Romeo did not stand up for himself. As a result, he began fighting with Tybalt. At first, they just fought and mocked at each other, their fight was not serious. Romeo, the peacemaker, stood in between them and tried to stop their fight. Unluckily, Mercutio couldn’t see Tybalt’s sword coming toward him because Remeo accidentally blocked his sight. A witness said, “I saw the blood on Tybalt’s sword and saw Tybalt and his men ran away because of the panic. But Mercutio’s friends didn’t realize that yet, they thought Mercutio was still joking. It was so sad to see him dying, and yet he still making people laugh.” After knowing that his friend died because of him, Romeo felt great regret and angry. When Tybalt came back, they fought fiercely for a while, until Tybalt finally fell.

Then came Lord Montague, Capulet, and their wives. The current debate is between Lady Capulet and Montague. Lady Capulet insisted that about twenty of them fought in the vile brawl, taking Tybalt’s life. However, Montague argued that Tybalt killed Mercutio, so his son just did what the law would have done. Some of the people were shouting that Romeo is totally evil person, and should be killed immediately. On the other hand, friends of the Montague family were saying that Romeo just got mad at his friend’s death that he felt he had to execute the law. The scene of the accident then became chaos. After ten minutes, the prince gave the judgment that Romeo was exiled from Verona from then on. Whoever sees him inside the city again could kill him with no consequences.

Our journalist continued tracking Tybalt and Mercutio’s burial and found out that Mercutio’s tomb is right beside the old king’s tomb, which was in the royal churchyard, a great honor though he died in such an irresponsible way. However, Tybalt was buried in a private chamber in the suburb of Verona. He was buried with all the Capulet’s ancestors. Poor Romeo was packing up at home by the time we wrote this article.

Will Tybalt and Mercutio’s deaths and Romeo’s leaving end the hatred between the two families? If you want to know whether Verona regain its peace, please read the next Verona Daily.


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